Svitlana Khutka

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Executive Director, Social Indicators Center, Kyiv, Ukraine; Founding CEO, U.World Foundation, Inc. San Francisco, USA.

Ph.D., U.World Foundation CEO (USA), Social Indicators Center Executive Director.

Visiting Professor and Visiting Researcher at Stanford University (2014-2017), Fulbright  Stanford Alumna. Carnegie Fellow (UC Berkeley, 2013; UW Seattle, 2012 - 2013).

Trust Board Member, «Global Ukraine», Regional Director/Board Member, «CoderGirls» (USA).

Attendant of Stanford Graduate Business School and Stanford Hasso Platner (2015-2017), graduate of kmbs executive programs.

Mentor for startup development projects (YEP-incubators, ActInSpace etc).

Published author; keynote, presented public talks across 25+ universities (including Oxford, Stanford, Harvard and other), spokesperson for media.

Expertise: Public Diplomacy & Impact Investing, Comparative Political Culture and Values, Innovative Ventures and R&D Ecosystems Business Development, Data-driven Strategy and Political Economy of Social Changes, Organizational Development.