Pavlo Prokopovych

Ph.D., University of Michigan, KSE Associate Professor


Pavlo Prokopovych is an associate professor of the Kyiv School of Economics. His academic interests lie in game theory and mathematical economics.


Contacts: [email protected]


Academic degrees: 

  • Ph.D. in Economics, University of Michigan, 2005
  • MA. in Economics, University of Michigan, 2003
  • MA. in Economics, NaUKMA (EERC MA program in economics), Kyiv, 2000
  • Candidate of Science in Applied Mathematics, V. Hlushkov Institute of Cybernetics, 1989
  • MSc in Applied Mathematics, 1986


Selected publications:

  • Pavlo Prokopovych, Nicholas C. Yannelis, On monotone approximate and exact equilibria of an asymmetric first-price auction with affiliated private information, Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 184 (2019)
  • Prokopovych, P., Yannelis, N.C., On strategic complementarities in discontinuous games with totally ordered strategies. Journal of Mathematical Economics, Vol. 70, pp. 147-153 (2017).
  • Prokopovych, P., Majorized correspondences and equilibrium existence in discontinuous games, Economic Theory, Vol. 61, pp. 541-552 (2016).
  • Prokopovych, P., Yannelis, N.C.  On the existence of mixed strategy Nash equilibria, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Vol. 52, pp. 87-97 (2014) 
  • Prokopovych, P., The single deviation property in games with discontinuous payoffs, Economic Theory, Vol. 53, pp. 383-402 (2013)
  • Prokopovych, P., On equilibrium existence in payoff secure games, Economic Theory, Vol. 48, pp. 5-16, (2011) 
  • Chade, H., Prokopovych P.V. Smith L., Repeated games with present-biased preferences, Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 139, pp. 157-175 (2008)