Liliia Lakhtionova

Director for research and analysis in public procurement at The Kyiv School of Economics


From 2004 to 2013 Liliia worked as the Deputy Head of the Mykolayiv City Department of Education for Financial and Economic Activities and at the same time headed the tender committee of the Department of Education. During this period she gained invaluable practical experience in public procurement.

In August 2013, she started working for the Ministry of Economy as Deputy Director of the Public Procurement Department. Since 2015, she has been actively working on the implementation of public procurement reform.

In 2017, Liliia headed the public procurement department. During Liliia’s work in the department, a conceptually new law “On Public Procurement” was developed and adopted, as well as a new version of this law. All the necessary regulatory framework has been developed, and the creation of an institute of centralized procurement organizations and authorized persons has been initiated.

In October 2021 she joined the team of the Kyiv School of Economics as Director for research and analysis in public procurement.


The scope of Liliia’s activities includes:

1.Conducting analytical assignments and consulting activities in the projects

2.Supervising analytical and research activities at the Center of Excellence in Procurement

3.Facilitating the development of unique and complex research and participating in research and consulting projects

4.Development of new policy consulting projects

5.Developing relationships with other organizations that are like-minded and open to collaborating with KSE

6.Establishing relations with international partners, facilitating exchange programs and joint programs