Iryna Sushko

Ph.D., Lecturer of Kyiv School of Economics


Iryna Sushko received her Ph.D. in Mathematics at the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, where she currently works as a senior research fellow. For several years was a visiting professor at the University of Urbino (Italy). Since 2010, Iryna also teaches the course “Mathematics for Economists” at the Kyiv School of Economics.


Scientific carrier of Iryna has been supported by prestigious international grants, in particular, in 2004-2005 she held a research position at the University of Urbino (Italy) being awarded a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, in 2012-2016 Iryna participated in the COST Action “The EU in the new complex geography of economic systems”.


Iryna is a co-author of numerous scientific publications. One of her current research interests is related to applications of the theory of nonlinear dynamics to economics and finance.


Selected academic publications:

  • Gardini, I. Sushko, A. Naimzada. Growing Through Chaotic Intervals. Journal of Economic Theory 143 (2008), 541-557.


  • Sushko, L. Gardini, T. Puu. Regular and Chaotic Growth in a Hicksian Floor/Ceiling Model. Journal of

Economic Behaviour and Organization 75 (2010), 77-94.

  • Sushko, F. Tramontana, F. Westerhoff, V. Avrutin. Symmetry breaking in a bull and bear financial market

model. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 79 (2015), 57-72.

  • Matsuyama, I. Sushko, L. Gardini. Revisiting the Model of Credit Cycles with Good and Bad Projects. Journal of Economic Theory 163 (2016) 525-556.


  • Gardini, I. Sushko, K. Matsuyama. 2D discontinuous piecewise linear map: Emergence of fashion cycles,

CHAOS 28, 055917 (2018).