Operations Management


Joint Course with POLIMI GSoM*
Part of MBA-program


The joint course is created as a combination of international business experience and practical usage in current realities of Ukraine. It is designed for managers who want to apply best world practices in developing personal careers and strengthening the economy of Ukraine.


The modern business environment is changing rapidly: Customers are changing their preferences, new technologies are emerging, governments are changing rules of business, suppliers are making new demands, competitors are increasing pressure. At the same time, organizations and employees are forced to change at an even faster pace to compete. This course will explain why project and operations management are key tools for achieving the company’s strategic goals in an environment of constant change.


*Course will be held online

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₴ 41500





  • • Introduction to the course: Final project launch. Links between General Strategy and Operations Strategy
  • • Little’s Law and Factory Physics 
  • • Production Management and Scheduling (Production Planning & Control)
  • • Process Management based on Toyota Production System
  • • Lean: Thinking, Production, Solutions
  • • Operations in Service Management
  • • Value Stream Mapping
  • • Introduction to Industry 4.0. Italian and European vision on Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence in Operations.
  • • Industry 4.0 – Simulation – Digital Tools
  • • Quality Management. Kaizen, Total Quality Management, 6 Sigma
  • • Lean & TOC. Leverage company strategy
  • • TOC Project Management – in time, within budget, without sacrifice in quality

Serhiy Gvozdiov

Lecturer at KSE


Areas of Expertise:


  • • Strategic management
  • • Business Project Management
  • • Application of Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean and Kaizen
  • • Training and Consulting

Luca Fumagalli

Lecturer at POLIMI GSoM


Areas of Expertise:


  • • Operations Management
  • • Industry 4.0
  • • Asset Management
  • • Maintenance Management

Nataliia Roskladka

Lecturer at POLIMI GSoM


Areas of Expertise:


    • • Business Process Management
    • • Demand Planning and Forecasting
    • • Industry 4.0



At the end of this course the students should be able to:


  • • Understand the link between General Strategy and Operations Strategy
  • • Breakdown company’s Strategic goals into concrete actions and initiatives
  • • Prioritize initiatives in the company’s project portfolio
  • • Perform operations analysis and planning
  • • Evaluate which of the modern approaches to building operating systems will be the most appropriate for your case – Lean, TOC, or 6 Sigma and apply needed tools
  • • Apply appropriate systems of inventory management
  • • Lead the changes in their businesses
  • • Understand the technologies of Industry 4.0 
  • • Analyze the benefits of digitalization and digital transformation
  • • Create a comprehensive project plan


Oleksandr Halii