Center for Energy and Climate Studies


The KSE’s Center for Energy and Climate Studies aim is to work with the public authorities, expert community, civil society, private sector, international organizations involved in energy market reforms in Ukraine, on assisting them in developing data-driven energy and climate policy pertinent to the Ukraine’s current needs. Center provides the policy makers, public and private sector with quality, evidence-based analysis on:

• Setting up efficient energy markets

• Energy security improvement

• Sustainable energy development

• Setting up Ukrainian emission trading system


Today the Center is already working on issues related to the European Green Deal, CBAM and emissions control. The research team in the Center works on development of the Energy Model for Ukraine and actively cooperates with the main stakeholders of the energy and climate sectors.

• Setting up efficient energy markets

— energy pricing and regulatory framework,

— phase-out of energy subsidies,

• Energy security improvement:

— energy supply emergency response mechanisms,

— boosting domestic energy production,

— fuel switching,

— demand restraint programs,

— creation of energy storages, etc.

• Sustainable energy:

— setting up the ETS and linkage with the EU,

— impact of CBAM, ETS and other climate measures on Ukrainian economy,

— energy efficiency policy,

— grid integration of renewables best practices,

— support mechanisms for renewables development, etc.

The KSE’s Center for Energy and Climate Studies will explore these and other issues to provide new insights on functioning of Ukrainian energy markets, their integration into the European Energy Market, addressing the energy security as well as environmental concerns. In collaboration with KSE programs and fellows Center is planned to develop in an energy program respected worldwide.