Meeting «Insightful View on the Profession of a Consultant» with KPMG Partner


The Kyiv School of Economics and KPMG Ukraine invite you for a meeting «Insightful View on the Profession of a Consultant».


At the event you will learn:


  • How do people understand the profession of adviser (consultant) and how do the advisers comment it?
  • What is «modern consulting business» and who successes in it?
  • What kind of advice is provided by advisers from ancient times, and what have been started to use recently?
  • How can an average entrepreneur distinguish similar names in corporate finance such as consulting, financial risk and financial research?
  • Who is typical and unexpected consumer of advice from the most influential advisers?
  • What is the result of the consultation and how much can it be measured with money?
  • How do advisers work and what constituents does professional consultancy consists of?
  • How does the adviser’s professional growth look and what does one need to understand so that to be able to succeed?


The format of the event provides brief introductory report, interactive polls, feedback from the audience and communication with the speaker.