AI as practical solution to business challenges

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In the last decade, engineers and digital scientists have taken massive strides in the advancement of technology. New applications and services simplify personal and professional tasks in everyday life and in the workplace. AI is present in all aspects of life: When you ask Siri to send a business message or set an alarm for you, use Google Maps for directions, or talk to the bank robot-assistant “Tania” to address the questions about a recent deposit, a person is using artificial intelligence.


In the same way, AI can help businesses increase sales, detect fraud, improve customer experience, automate work processes, provide predictive analysis…. and communicate with the consumers. How do you know it’s really human writing this announcement and not a robot? Several major publications are picking up machine learning tools for content. Forbes uses an AI Bertie to assist in providing reporters with first drafts and templates for news stories. The Washington Post also has a robot reporting program called Heliograf. In its first year, it published around 850 articles and earned The Post an award for its “Excellence in Use of Bots” from its work on the 2016 election coverage.


These and other successful examples of using artificial intelligence in business will be discussed during the lecture on using AI and open data for producing news and content.


Language: Ukrainian without translation.


Ukraine Economy Week: Financial Futurism is a series of events organized by Kyiv School of Economics jointly with the National Bank of Ukraine and Visa. The Week is centered around the Annual Research Conference of the National Bank of Ukraine organized in cooperation with Narodowy Bank Polski. The focus of the Week is the future of finance in its multiplicity of dimensions. Full list of events: