Workshop: Growth startegy for small and medium enterprises

Hands-on, a 2-day workshop for marketing directors, CEOs and business owners


Who should attend

Marketing directors, CEOs and business owners, who are willing to answer the following questions:

  1. How do I find growth opportunities for my business?
  2. What do I need to focus on to let my business grow?
  3. How can I attract new customers to buy existing products and services?
  4. How can I develop existing products and services to let my business grow?


What you will learn

You will experience short lectures, plenty of practical exercises and a live customer interview done with Jobs-to-be-Done methodology in focus.


Workshop Structure

1. Defining the future course for business growth.

– Different approaches to business growth.

– Where should we place effort?

2. Understanding the consumer.

– Consumer Decision Journey

– Revealing the true motives of the consumer’s behavior by applying jobs-to-be-done theory.

– Consumer insight as a basis for brand value proposition.

3. Building a strategy

– Defining core value proposition – the reason for the customer to buy your product or service.

– Business growth strategy elements: brand, product, business model.

4. Strategy application planning.

– The key points in plan development.

– Learning to apply the strategy plan.



  • Early bird – UAH 6 450 (till October 28, 2019)
  • Regular price – UAH 6 950 (After October 28, 2019)
  • special deal for KSE community – for all the members and alumni of mid-term and Master programs at Kyiv School of Economics – UAH 5 950


Workshop Schedule



09:30 – Registration, coffee 30 minutes

10:00  – Part 1. 1,5h

4 ways to grow business. Strategic question. Case study analysis.

11:30  – Break, 15 minutes

11:45  – Part 2. 1,5h

Consumer Decision Journey.  Jobs-to-be-done interview demonstration. The interview discussion.

13:15  – Lunch 1,5h

14:45  – Part 3. 1,5h

Interview analysis. Four forces that influence consumer behavior.

16:15  – Break, 15 minutes

16:30  – Part 4. 1,5h

Guest speaker. Day 1 summary.



09:30 – Registration, coffee 30 minutes

10:00  – Part 1. 1,5 hour

Day 1 revision. Motivational conflict. Value proposition development.

11:30  – Break, 15 minutes

11:45  – Part 2. 1,5 hour

Growth strategy development: brand, product, business model.

○       Consumer experience.
○       Consumer engagement.
○       Brand communication.
○       Case study analysis.

13:15  – Lunch. 1 hour

14:45  – Part 3. 1,5 hour

Product: Product performance; Product system.

16:15  – Break, 15 minutes

16:30 – Part 4. 1,5 hour

Business model: Profit. Structure. Processes. Network. Workshop wrap-up.




Michael Traverse
Managing partner at the marketing agency Reiseplan

Michael has 7 years of experience in the marketing department in an international corporation Bayer. He has been the strategy director at the communication agency ISD Group for 6 years. He has created and implemented several dozens of brand strategies and communication strategies for local and international companies.


Joachim Bentz
Managing partner at ISD Group.

He is an active alumnus of Harvard Business School, who has 20+ years’ experience in business management and marketing. Mr. Bentz has been exposed to diverse cultures (CIS, UK, Germany, Latin America, India) and unlimited management challenges in these regions.
Earlier he was heading the Ukrainian Business Intelligence Team at Imperial Tobacco PLC while being responsible for several Eastern European markets. His profound marketing knowledge Mr. Bentz earned in Beiersdorf Ukraine.
He has been nominated by leading Ukrainian Business Schools for teaching MBA classes in subjects of Business Strategy, Marketing, and Sales Management.

Feel free to ask any questions about the event via:

Cell: Viber, WhatsApp  +380-67-441-01-11,

[email protected]