KSE Career Week: Workshop «Project and Team Management: Agile and Scrum» by SimCorp

How to organize work in an IT company effectively? Let's talk about that on a practical workshop from a partner of the Career Week.

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Nowadays IT companies are likely to optimize their team work using such tools as Agile and Scrum. We will talk about how to learn the ways of work with those tools and use them for personal benefits at the workshop by IT industry representatives. We invite you to visit the workshop on Effective Teamwork Management «Project and Team Management: Agile and Scrum» by partner for the Week SimCorp which will take place at KSE Job Fair on April 16 at 17:30.

The workshop will be held by Dmytro Balaba, Senior Scrum Master and Oleksiy Tkachuk, Senior Scrum Master.

Event will consist of two parts: a theoretical lecture (20-30 minutes) and a practical game, where participants will be able to see and feel how the quality of communication affects the result of the entire team’s work (30 minutes).

The main partner of KSE Career Week is SimCorp.

Registration: https://kse.ua/events/?eid=5200