KSE Career Week: Workshop «Personal Brand: from social networks to columns in famous media»

Workshop on how to create your successful professional image in a social network and make it work on you.

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Today success in a profession depends not only on hard-skills and professional experience, but also on the public image, which mostly depends on our ability to express our thoughts written. Our posts in social networks are increasingly affecting on the way others perceive us, and expert columns in the media form our image of true professionals.

How can one create a successful professional image on the Internet and turn a social network blog  into a tool that works well but not bad on the image? This will be discussed at the workshop «Personal Brand: from social networks to columns in famous media». At the workshop participants will learn about:

  • Good topics for columns in the media
  • Characteristics of good text
  • Phrases and constructions that should be avoided
  • Good and bad column leadingsp

Registration: https://kse.ua/events/?eid=5201