HR revolution: 5th Anniversary of Disrupt HR Kyiv


How do you inspire your team and instill loyalty? How do you create overachievers? How does sport affect productivity? Why is it important to understand your team and know how they perceive you? Why the future of business geared for creators?



Answers to all these questions and more – on December 5th when we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Disrupt HR Kyiv!


You’ll hear from 14 cutting edge speakers who will share their knowledge for five minutes each. You’ll quickly learn about their successes, failures and industry secrets.



Speakers of Disrupt HR Kyiv V:

✔ Natalya Sadova – COO of Readdle, an expert on strategy and organizational excellence.

✔ Dmitry Piskarev – Co-founder and CEO of Netpeak Agency.

✔ Natalia Oleinik – consultant, former Head of Growth and Development Genesis.

✔ Daria Nazarkina – HRD of Ajax Systems.

✔ Ilya Kabachinsky – AIN.UA editor-in-chief, journalist.