KSE Career Week: Public discussion «The Power of Knowledge: Science is Moving the World»

At the event we will talk about the inherent features for true scientist.

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How science can be useful for economists? How do scientific articles change our daily life? What do modern scientists do? We will discuss all of that at the public discussion which will take place on April 18 at 19:00 in the framework of KSE Career Week. Also we will define the inalienable skills for achieving good results in science.

Discussion participants:

  • Tymofiy Brik, professor at Kyiv School of Economics
  • Serhii Kiiashko, professor at Kyiv School of Economics, researcher at National Bank of Ukraine, a graduate of KSE and Princeton University.
  • Yuliia Bezvershenko, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, PhD in Physics and Mathematics
  • Yurii Ganychenko, researcher at Kyiv School of Economics

Moderator: Natalia Shapoval, KSE Vice President, Head of Center of Excellence in Procurement, Manager of Policy Projects in KSE

The main partner of KSE Career Week is SimCorp.

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