Basic data visualization and interactive dashboards in Tableau Public


At this workshop you will be able to get acquainted with the work of Tableau Public – a modern and powerful free tool for creating visualizations and billboards. The workshop is designed for students who do not have the time to study programming, but require the creation of dynamic visual content.


Tableau Public is one of the tools of data visualization, which is rapidly gaining popularity in business, international organizations and the media. If you work in these areas – please join.


The workshop will be conducted by Yaroslava Mizay, a graduate of the KSE Center for Excellence in Economic Journalism. Ms. Yaroslava is a data visual freelancer, certified Tableau specialist.


In 2017, she was acknowledged by Tableau as the Best and Brightest authors category

In 2017/2018 her works in Tableau were recognized as the Viz of the Day category 

Additional programming languages ​knowledge: R, js

The main professional activity is the information producer of the STB news channel.

Graduate of the Center for Excellence in Economic Journalism (2019)


Target audience: media, business, NGOs and others interested in data visualization.

Skill Level: A Basic Understanding of Excel


Requirements for the workshop:

– a laptop

– an existing mailbox in Gmail

– if possible, install Tableau Public version 2019.2 (not necessarily, we will install the program during classes) https://www.tableau.com/products

– Have a good and creative mood.


Requirements for the computer operating system:



Windows 7 or newer (64-bit)

2 GB memory

1.5 GB minimum free disk space


iMac / MacBook computers 2009 or later

OSX 10.13 or newer

1.5 GB minimum free disk space


The language of the workshop is Ukrainian.

The length of the workshop is 4 hours, with coffee breaks 

Workshop provides for practical work.


Work plan:

  1. What is Tableau Public, examples of charts in Tableau, date-art, date-fan
  2. Reading and developing resources:

Alberto Cairo http://www.thefunctionalart.com

Andriy Gazin is a data journalist and teacher of UCU https://textura.in.ua

Telegram t.me/texturainua

Vadim Shmigov – designer, journalist, analyst (Minsk, Belarus)

Infographics By http://infograf.by and https://public.tableau.com/profile/tut.by#!/

“Texts” – the online edition of http://texty.org.ua

Tableau Public https://public.tableau.com/en-us/s/resources

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of Tableau.
  2. Install Tableau Public https://www.tableau.com/products
  3. Types of data sets that Tableau Public works with
  4. Types of data to work in Tableau Public
  5. Import the data sheet locally and from GoodleDrive
  6. Basic elements of the working panel menu and basic charts
  7. Practical work №1. Basic graphics

Calculations and parameters are basic understanding.

Beauty of Logical Expressions (If … else …)

  1. Practical work №2. Maps

Built-in tooltips, styles / map types, map formatting

  1. Practical work №3. Output of charts and maps in Dashboard:

Formatting Dashboard.

Grid, layout of graphs in the working area

Text blocks




  1. Export and publication of work.

Ability to distribute and build on web pages.

  1. How to develop further?