KSE is a partner of AI Conference

Speakers’ presentations, best practices, smart products, and networking: the event will bring together specialists who successfully apply AI technologies and who are ready to share their experience.


The second AI Conference, a major conference dedicated to the integration of artificial intelligence into businesses will be held in Kyiv on June, 4.


Conference program


The conference will consist of three specialized blocks:

  1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
    Speakers from METRO Cash&Carry Ukraine, DevRain, and other companies will tell the audience how to manage the millionth consumer base using AI and how to start integrating AI technologies into businesses.
  2. IOT and data analysis.
    Headliners of this block are speakers from Vodafone Ukraine who will explain what business can achieve with IoT and Big Data. There will be a separate presentation on smart marketing strategies.
  3. Automation and chatbots.
    Experts will reveal how to automate e-document flow and marketing by integrating AI solutions. Presentations will be made by members of EDIN, Planeta Kino Club, and other companies.


Finally, the conference will feature a round table dedicated to harmonious business development using AI, Machine Learning, and IoT.


Networking area


The conference will offer a platform for networking among developers, marketing specialists, managers, analysts, and everyone desiring to improve their businesses using AI technologies. Guests will be able to find business partners and investors, communicate with representatives of various companies, and obtain advice in order to select an appropriate solution.


Besides, the networking area will allow event participants to show their AI solutions: services and apps.


Organizer and venue


AI Conference Kyiv is conducted by Smile-Expo, an international company that has been organizing events related to businesses and innovative technologies for 13 years.


Early bird tickets


The first 50 tickets are available at the reduced price: 1500 UAH (a ticket on-site costs 3000 UAH).