KSE Open House


January is a time of new challenges! And if you have promised to start studying this year, then we suggest you to take the first step: on January 22d, we invite you to visit KSE Open House where we will talk about educational opportunities at the Kyiv School of Economics:


  • Master’s Programs in Economics (Business and Finance Economics, Economic Analysis, Mathematical Economics and Econometrics)
  • Master’s Program in Public Policy and Governance
  • MBA Program (Business Administration, MBA for Heads of Government Enterprises, Business Administration in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis)



We will also talk about studying principles at the Kyiv School of Economics, learning as a personal developmen, admission rules in 2020, preparation for admission, opportunities to receive scholarships and discounts.


You will meet the Head of the KSE management team Natalia Shapoval, individual, members of the KSE Board of Directors, the Vice-Presidents of the School, who are responsible for educational directions, students, graduates and teachers of the School.


You will have the opportunity to participate in trial interviews and receive feedback from teachers for a more thorough preparation for admission.


  • The event will be interesting for:
    – those who reflect on learning and development opportunities,
    – students of 3-4 courses in economics, mathematics and other specialties,
    – civil servants who want to improve their skills
    – employees of governmental and non-governmental organizations
    – managers of the commercial sphere
    – entrepreneurs seeking additional knowledge for business development