KSE Career Week: Public Discussion «AI, Business and Education. Challenges and Opportunities »

We will talk about the skills and knowledge needed for modern managers to be competitive, what tasks AI can already do instead of manager and how to implement AI in the company.

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How does AI change the world of business? How can professionals be effective in co-operating with AI? What skills and competences should be taught in AI educational programs? Business and private sector representatives are asking that questions for the last few years. We will discuss these issues also at the public discussion within the framework of KSE Career Week.

We will also discuss what skills and competencies are needed for businesses and how they can be deployed in AI curricula.

This discussion is for entrepreneurs, business representatives and managers who want to follow the latest trends in the implementation of AI and DS tools in Ukraine and world.


  • Nika Tamayo Flores – Master in Business Analytics and Big Data (IE Business School, Madrid), Head of Consulting @ Data Science UA
  • Sergii Khlivnenko – Engineering Manager at Playson, student of Master of Business and Management in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics program at KSE
  • Dmytro Ischenko – Head of Analytics and Data Science in Jiji, Genesis
  • Roman Storchak – CTO at DatAI
  • Kyrylo Truskovskyi – Machine Learning Engineering Lead at Neuromation

Moderator: Oleksandr Romanko, Senior Research Assistant, IBM Canada, Honorary Director of MBAI Program at KSE, Professor at University of Toronto.