KSE Alumni Club: Meeting with Valeria Gontareva “Sustainable Institutions: Processes and People”

We invite you to a new event at KSE Alumni Club


We invite all the alumni of Kyiv School of Economics to a closed-door meeting with Valeria Gontareva on 22nd of February, at 16:30.

Valeria Gontareva is an ex-Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine, employee of the Institute of Global Affairs (LSE), we`ll talk about how to keep the independence of state institutions under multi-vector pressure and how to fulfill the tasks with her.

It will also be interesting to compare Mrs Gontareva’s experience in the private and public sectors. From 2007 to 2014 Valeria Gontareva served as ICU Board Chairman and from 2014 to 2018 she was the Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine. ICU became the largest asset manager of public funds, and the National Bank implemented powerful reforms while her being at the position. For those reforms the National Bank was awarded at the “Transparency” category by the Central Banking Awards this year.

At the meeting the participants will be able to ask Valeria Gontareva question on the topic of conversation. Head of the Centre for Excellence in Economic Journalism Andriy Ianitskyi is moderating the event.

To take part please register: https://goo.gl/forms/on0hoUch5GjzYXkZ2

We`re always happy to see you at Kyiv School of Economics!