Deadline for application for participation in the project “Development of capable educational networks in AHs”

Representatives of the educational departments of amalgamated hromadas, deputy heads of AHs, as well as persons responsible for the educational direction in AHs, are invited to participate in the project “Development of capable educational networks in AHs”


The project is being implemented by the Kyiv School of Economics with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.


Aim of the project:

  • Support capable educational networks’ development in AHs by professional expertise;
  • Train AH representatives to make evidence-based decisions on the formation and optimisation of the educational network and implement them effectively.


The project comprises:

  1. Two-day policy analysis trainings for AH representatives.
    15 Trainings will be held in different oblasts of Ukraine, that are to be determined during the competitive selection.Participants apply for one training. Maximum number of participants in each training – 20 persons.The trainings are planned from March to June 2019.
    Representatives from all regions of Ukraine are invited to participate.
    Participants will receive knowledge in policy analysis that will help them think strategically and shape local education policies, taking into account the specifics of the region and the needs of the community.
  2.  Mentoring programme for 12 AHs.
    The mentoring programme will last from March to November 2019 and envisages active cooperation of one of the specialists of the Kyiv School of Economics with a team working in the field of education in AH. Their cooperation will result in school network development plan in this hromada.Representatives from all regions of Ukraine who had experience in working on education network development plan in AH and its implementation are invited to participate in the mentoring program.


How to participate:

  • Fill in the application form – at the link
  • By the decision of the competition committee applicants can be invited to a Skype-interview to participate in the mentoring programme.


Applications will be accepted until 15 February 2019 (inclusive). Additional announcement of participants’ enrollment is possible.


NOTE PLEASE! Preference will be given to hromadas with a population of at least 5 thousand. In order to participate in the mentoring program AHs should have a formed education management body.


Participation in trainings and mentoring programme is free. The organisers will cover accommodation costs and meals.

The organisers will later inform the exact dates and venue of the trainings.

Please address all further project-related questions to: [email protected]