Are You Ready For the Future? How to Succeed in the Era of Digital Revolution

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We are on the brink of a New Era of Innovation which is permeating all the spheres of social life. And it is better to prepare than adapt because, by the time the one sees the need to adapt, it may already be too late.


Our society is about to enter a new era of innovation that is likely to far more impactful than the second wave of innovation, but perhaps not as much as the first. The current challenges we are facing from digital will be discussed at the panel discussion between representatives of private and public sectors.


Language: Ukrainian without translation.


Ukraine Economy Week: Financial Futurism is a series of events organized by Kyiv School of Economics jointly with the National Bank of Ukraine and Visa. The Week is centered around the Annual Research Conference of the National Bank of Ukraine organized in cooperation with Narodowy Bank Polski. The focus of the Week is the future of finance in its multiplicity of dimensions. Full list of events: