Business Transformation: лекція «Застосування АІ для дослідження медіа»

The third lecture in the event`s series Business transformation with AI and DS is «Utilization of AI for media research».


KSE Business Education department is hosting the third lecture from a series of events «Business Transformation» in partnership with the Centre for the Excellence in Economic Journalism.

Create a news site and promote it on social media can everyone, manual media monitoring covers only a small part of the news. On the example of the project “We have bad news”, we will discuss how NLP can handle a large amount of content.


We will take a look at strategies for marking data for learning, the process of finding a model, and the benefits of transfer learning. Additionally, we will dwell separately on the problem of interpreting DL models and presenting results.


Lecture will be interesting for:

anyone who wants to use deep learning and not sure how much knowledge, resources will be needed for that, and what challenges will appear on the way from the idea to the product. As well for anyone who seeks how to automate content analysis.


About the speaker:

Nadiia Romanenko – data journalist at She works with media analysis and social media manipulations, data visualization and web design.

Free entrance upon registration: