Serhiy Chernenko

The Chairman of the Board, member of the Supervisory Board, First Ukrainian International Bank
Founder of Serhiy Chernenko's Scholarship


Serhiy Chernenko  is the Chairman of the Management Board of the First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB); Chairman-Supervisory Board for Bank Renaissance Capital Ukraine LLC.

Investment in education is an investment in our future. That is why we are happy to support the Kyiv School of Economics, graduates of which are competitive both on the domestic and on the global market. I am sure that only by joint efforts can we build a society based on such values as honesty, professionalism, and responsibility. Our goal is to provide students of Ukrainian higher educational institutions with a world-class education in one of the best schools in Central and Eastern Europe. It is our contribution to the development of the younger generation of Ukrainians, which are the future of our country.