Alexander Pochkun

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Baker Tilly Ukraine.
Founder of Alexander Pochkun's Scholarship

Alexander Pochkun is Co-founder and Managing Partner at Baker Tilly Ukraine; Member of the Board of the Ukrainian Club of Agricultural Business; Chairperson of the Board of the Eastern Europe Foundation; Vice President, Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Ukrainian Entrepreneurs Union; Member of the Advisory Board of Agroxy.

Mr. Pochkun has supported a student of MA program in Economic Analysis in 2017/2018 academic year.


“Scholarship program at KSE is one of the projects that supports people who have the intention and eagerness to study, and helps them achieve their goals. It is a great pleasure for me to be part of such an important and useful cause and to make my own contribution to the professional development of our community. Kyiv School of Economics is a high-quality educational institution with great and valuable initiatives, and with healthy values that I personally share. Thank you for creating opportunities for positive changes and for helping the dreams come true!”