Transportation Economics


The course applies microeconomic analysis to the transportation industry and policy. The
scope of the course is designed in a way to involve all transport markets, such as the intercity,
rural, urban, and international markets. Moreover, the course will cover almost all transport
modes relevant for Ukraine, such as railways, autoways, air carriage, transit, and waterways
(maritime and river transport).
The overarching objective for students is to acquire a theoretical as well as applied
understanding (in terms of the modelling toolkit) of the underlying economics of
transportation provision, including demand, costs, pricing and quality of service, impact of
regulations and regulatory reforms, competition between the various modes of transportation,
congestion etc. The course is fine-tuned to the local content and policy environment, so it will
be populated with lots of case-studies in a cooperation with the Center for Transport Strategies
(leading local think tank in a transport industry) and from a number of guest speakers from the