Risk Management

MBA program course


Risk analysis is specific to the activity of a particular enterprise and can help to reduce unpredictable or accidentally incurred costs associated with the choice of one out of many possible alternatives when making a management decision by a person at any authority level. Evaluating company’s risk factors will allow managers to achieve minimum possible losses while performing financial transactions, implementing investment projects, etc. The present requires establishment of a risk management system of an enterprise.


The aim of MBA course “Risk Management ” is to form a system of professional competences (knowledge and practical skills) on the basis of theoretical foundations, methodological recommendations and practical skills for risk management. Studying the “Risk Management” course will contribute to the level of students’ general economic training; develop their skills in problem analyzing and help them to find effective risk management methods.


At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Qualitatively analyze risks to develop probability and impact ratings for risks
  • Quantitatively analyze risks to determine time/cost probabilities, impacts and overall project reserves
  • Apply expected value analysis and decision tree analysis to scenarios and make recommendations based on these models
  • Develop response plans for top-risks that include approaches to avoid, mitigate, accept and/or transfer risks
  • Develop a comprehensive enterprise risk management
  • Communicate results of risk monitoring and control practices
  • Evaluate risk management tools currently on the market
  • Communicate risk management process steps and results to colleagues
  • Criticize the results of risk management activities
  • Propose strategies for the organizational adoption of effective risk assessment practices
  • Organize a work-shop on risks inside a company
  • Distinguish cross-cultural management differences
  • Have basic skills for integrating various management systems into existing business models
  • Consider management systems in various countries
  • Assess the risks of integrating management models.


Language: English


Exams & certification:
After the successful completion of the course, the participants will get a certificate.

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