Mathematics for Business and Economists I: Optimization and Financial Mathematics


This course opens Mathematics for Business and Economics sequence and is dedicated to the selected issues in Financial Math and Linear Algebra. In particular, it is mainly focused on present value concept and linear optimization problems. There will be numerous applications of discussed concepts to the business and financial life. How should customer determine the best credit offer from commercial banks? Is perpetual bond price fair or not? How does the plant transform its inputs into outputs using linear technology?


What should be the structure of marketing research or how to schedule the project? We will try to answer these and many other questions during the classes. In rare cases acquired knowledge may seem to be more theoretical and less relevant to everyday work; however, most likely it will form a good ground for learning new important things during the upcoming KSE courses and/or at least develop advanced abstract and critical thinking skills that is in high demand in different business areas.


We will use mostly Excel to automate solutions to the problems and much less frequently will apply R programming language, especially when need to draw complex figures.


All in all, the course aims to introduce and firm Financial Math and Linear Algebra topics that will be delivered at intermediate level. Together with learnt business applications, it should help differentiate you in the job market.


Duration: 8 weeks

Language: English

Cost of a course: ₴ 6000

Contacts: [email protected], 380674347175