Major global humanitarian crisis is emerging as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The global food security is endangered and hundreds of millions of people across the globe face starvation as a result. Equally important is the substantial and increasing role of Ukraine in ensuring global food security.


How one can secure enough food for those in need in such a situation? In longer time horizon, will there be enough food for extra two billion and existing almost 8 billion people by 2050? To answer these questions, we will first introduce and explore in details what is food security and how it is measured and what it means to achieve global or local food security. How does agri-food sector, with a primary focuse on Ukraine’s and Black Sea region as well as food supply chains across the world, might contribute to ensuring food security.   


Furthermore, food security is not just about food. It is also related to the issues of health, social justice, environmental degradation and cultural diversity, to the role of technology and innovation in promoting food security?


We will also explore food systems and food chains as a whole, looking at production and consumption as a whole, including sustainable, safe and healthy diets, nutrition and consumption patterns. Food poverty will also be considered and how this fits within the food security agenda.