Financial & Managerial Accounting

MBA course


This course continues to build students’ background in accounting and finance. In contrast to BBA courses MBA course will concentrate on practical techniques and more advanced methodology of financial and managerial analysts, financial controllers’ and financial directors’ work in multinational companies.


The course includes theory, practical applications, and problem-solving techniques. Students will be exposed to various issues of accounting and financial work.


Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course, the student should be able to:

• Construct Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statement based on various inputs
• Distinguish GAAP methodology in accounting work
• Construct and analyze various managerial accounting reports
• Analyze efficiency and effectiveness of operations based on various techniques of financial analysis
• Analyze financial cases, make accounting, finance and operations’ related decisions based on quantitative and qualitative analysis


Learning objectives:

• Understand US GAAP conceptual framework; qualitative characteristics of financial information
• Be able to construct a balance sheet, cashflow statement, and P&L based on given data.
• Understand and apply various analysis techniques to evaluate and interpret a company’s production and financial position
• Gain management and accounting quantitative and qualitative techniques necessary for the management of an organization
• Gain knowledge on financial modeling, forecasting and operating planning for a modern business


Language: English

Exams & certification:
After the successful completion of the course, the participants will get a certificate.


Price: UAH 30 000

Course outline:


November 30-December 1


Introduction, accounting background, Financial Statements
Structure of financial reports, GAAP rules


December 13,14,15

Analysis of financial statements, case assignment
GAAP reporting
GAAP reports, preparation of reports
Transaction analysis
GAAP reporting
Cashflow case


December 27-29

Costs, Managerial Accounting, ABC
CVP analysis
Budgeting and planning, modeling project assignment


January 10-11

Midterm exam

Working capital management
Liquidity analysis
Capital expenditures, PPE
Liabilities management, Financing
Financial restructuring


January 25-26

Consolidated statements, Intra-company transactions, segment reporting
Balanced scorecard
Project defence


February 8

Final exam


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