Data Analysis and Visualization in R


Data Analysis and Visualization in R is a part of the English-language Master’s program in Economic Analysis.
This course is designed to get hands-on experience in working with data in business, economics, and finance. In addition to lectures, students will have numerous business cases to be solved in groups. The course will cover basic tools of data analytics and visualization with more than 10 practical cases analyzed in R and Tableau. Students will review kaggle.com competitions, learn how to quickly find answers to programming questions at stackoverflow.com, and discover other great resources to deepen their knowledge.  


Will be interesting for: 

  • analysts of companies and NGO who work with large data sets
  • faculty members and scientists
  • final year undergraduate students    


After course completion, you will able to:

  • learn to apply R and RStudio software to data analytics problems 
  • study business intelligence and data visualization tools
  • develop own big data project


Descriptive statistics, linear regression, and basics of R programming. Students are expected to participate in classes with a notebook with the most recent versions of R, RStudio and Tableau installed.


Maksym Obrizan, Ph.D., University of Iowa, Associate professor at KSE


Language: English


Education format: 

The course will be held from January 09 to March 03, 2022. The detailed schedule of classes will be announced later. The course will be conducted in an online format during the day (with a possibility to come to KSE)


Price: 10 000 UAH


Course outline: 

  1. Exploratory data analysis
  2. Analyzing text data
  3. Types of plots in R/RStudio
  4. Building interactive plots with googleVis package
  5. Creating dashboards with Shiny
  6. Recommender systems, association mining, measuring similarity and relationships
  7. Visualizing data and digital storytelling with Tableau
  8. Road ahead: From Data Analytics to Artificial Intelligence

Download the detailed course syllabus here