Capital Markets and Real Economies

Economic Analysis program course


This course provides an overview of the role of capital markets and the financial industry in the working of liberal economies, governments and international relations. To do so, the course:-Introduces the history, theory, mechanisms, tools and finalities of corporate and public finance; Places the role of finance in the broader picture of macroeconomics and microeconomics; Analyses the relationship between the financial economy and the real economy.

The course has four goals:

  • To provide students with a comprehensive and evolutionary (e.g. historical) understanding of the key functions, mechanisms and players of capital markets;
  • To provide students with an overview of the theories, skills and methods used by the financial industry;
  • To allow students a critical appraisal of the role of finance in the real economy and of the relationship between finance and the broader public purpose;
  • To give students a base level of sophistication regarding current issues and concerns in financial, monetary, fiscal and regulatory policies. This is needed to understand the role of finance in debates over economics, public policy and international relations.