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We offer fourteen long-term degree programs as well as multiple medium-term certificate programs.

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Financial aid for graduate students and early career researchers in economics

Master's program in Public Policy KSE&University of Toronto

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Як працює економіка держави: основні показники та їхній взаємозв’язок arrow-link


Health Economics and Financing arrow-link


Soviet And Post-Soviet Economic History arrow-link


Monetary Policy Workshop arrow-link


Advanced Macroeconomics: Modern approach arrow-link


Advanced Econometrics: Productivity analysis arrow-link


International Political Economy arrow-link


International Trade and Policy arrow-link


Transportation Economics arrow-link


Macroeconomics IV: Monetary Economics arrow-link


Mathematics for Economists IV: Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics arrow-link


Statistics and Econometrics IV: Time Series Econometrics arrow-link


Statistics and Econometrics III: Instrumental Variables, Panel Data Analysis and Limited Dependent Variables Models arrow-link


Microeconomics III: Market Structure and Economics of InformationMicroeconomics III: Market Structure and Economics of Information arrow-link


Математика для економістів II: Оптимізація arrow-link


Реформи на пальцях arrow-link


Statistics and econometrics І: Mathematical statistics arrow-link


Selected Topics in Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning arrow-link


Microeconomics IV: General Competitive Equilibrium Analysis and Market Failures arrow-link


Business Research Workshop II arrow-link


Web scrapping and social network analysis in R arrow-link


Behavioral Economics and Finance arrow-link


Business Research Workshop I arrow-link


Advanced Financial Economics: Financial and Real Options arrow-link


Social Network Analysis for Social Science arrow-link


Statistics and Econometrics III: Qualitative and Panel Data Analysis for Business arrow-link


Data Analysis and Visualization in R arrow-link


Microeconomics II: Firms and markets arrow-link


Business English arrow-link


Macroeconomics III: Growth, development and other topics arrow-link


Statistics and Econometrics II: Linear Regression arrow-link


Corporate finance arrow-link


Financial Economics I: Financial Instruments arrow-link


Capital Markets and Real Economy arrow-link


Microeconomics I: Consumer’s choice arrow-link


Mathematics for Economists III: Quantitative Foundations of Economics arrow-link


Financial and Managerial Accounting arrow-link


Microeconomics I: Consumer Behavior and Market Demand arrow-link


Mathematics for Business and Economics II: Multivariate Calculus and Optimization arrow-link


Statistics and Econometrics II: Multiple regression analysis, Instrumental Variables Estimation arrow-link


Mathematics for Business and Economists I: Optimization and Financial Mathematics arrow-link


Macroeconomics I: GDP and its components arrow-link


Mathematics for Economists I: Basics of linear algebra and calculus arrow-link


Macroeconomics II: Dynamic optimization in models with a representative agent arrow-link

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