Winter Alumni Campaign 2020:
Fundraising scholarships for
12 students

KSE alumni unite to support the next generation of the top Ukrainian economists

KSE Alumni of all years unite to unlock quality education for the next generation!



During Winter Alumni Campaign 2018/2019 US$ 44,207 were collected. This is 40% more than 2018 result of US$ 31,345.


68 Alumni donated.


Alumni donations allowed to establish 11 scholarships!


Information about scholarships established during Winter Alumni Campaign 2019/2020 will be published soon.


*For the detailed list of alumni donations, please scroll down to the bottom of the page



The first class graduated from KSE in 1998. Today the KSE alumni community includes more than 917 people who live and work around the globe. This includes 753 graduates in economics, 151 in business  and 13 in public policy and governance.

On top of that, more than 3 225 people received professional certificates in non-degree programs.


The KSE has been growing. We have increased the number of students in our graduate programs from 77 in 2015 to 359 in 2019. In 2020, our ambition is to increase enrolment by 80 students to the total of 440.


KSE Alumni are the core stakeholder of the Kyiv School of Economics. We are truly grateful for your continuous support throughout the years after graduation.


Before Christmas, we launched our Winter Alumni fundraising campaign with the target of $72K. The funds raised through this campaign would cover the tuition cost for 12 students in 2020. The rest of the funds will be raised from the corporate sector in Ukraine.


This year we have a chance to fulfil our dream of moving to a KSE Campus. Buying out the building in 5-6 years requires increasing our annual fundraising target by $ 500K starting from 2020.

How It Works


Step 1. KSE Alumni make donations from Dec 2019 – March 2020


There are several ways to donate, including PayPal / LiqPay, check, and wire transfer. If you wish to join the campaign and contribute as an Alumnus / Alumna, you can do so online.

Step 2. The School receives donations and allocates them to the scholarship funds of respective graduation years


The objective is to raise 6K USD from every class.


Per every 6K collected, we will establish one named scholarship of that class.


The current campaign status is shown on Leaderboard that is updated bi-weekly.


Step 3. Once the campaign is closed, we will announce the results


The KSE will recognize every graduation year that raises a Named Scholarship:

  • The year will be displayed at the donor’s wall on the KSE premises and on the financial aid page of the KSE admission site
  • The year will be able to impose selection criteria and participate in the selection process
  • Prospective students will be able to apply for that scholarship
  • A mentorship program will be launched to facilitate relationships between students who receive scholarships and donors

If some of the classes do not reach the target of 6K, their donations will be combined into the general KSE Alumni Scholarship.

We are thankful to the Alumni who have made their contributions!

Alumni 1998

  • Anonymous amount not disclosed
  • Sergiy Pivnenko amount not disclosed
  • Vitaly Nosov amount not disclosed


Alumni 1999

  • Volodymyr Lugovskyy 120
  • Liliana Stern 500
  • Anonymous amount not disclosed
  • Alina Kudina-Lundstrom 200
  • Viktor Goloven 179,86
  • Pavlo Sugolov 500
  • Anonymous amount not disclosed
  • Yadviga Semikolenova 1000
  • Serhiy Peredriy PhD 500
  • Mr. Tymofiy Mylovanov PhD amount not disclosed
  • Hanna Vakhitova 100
  • Volodymyr Vakhitov 300
  • Sergiy Peredriy 51,49
  • Sergiy Peredriy 50
  • Oleksii and Maryna Romanko amount not disclosed
  • Sergiy Peredriy 50


Alumni 2000

  • Elena Besedina 359,71
  • Olga Pogarska 359,71
  • Anonymous amount not disclosed
  • Iryna Alekseychyk 300


Alumni 2001

  • Tetyana Shvydko 500
  • Sergey Alekseychik 300
  • Artem Boichenko amount not disclosed
  • Galyna and Yegor Grygorenko 10000
  • Yuriy Gorodnichenko 5000


Alumni 2002

  • Aliaksandr Amialchuk 200
  • Anonymous amount not disclosed
  • Olena Bilan 1500
  • Dmytro Sologoub 1500


Alumni 2003

  • Andrii Oliinyk 35,97
  • Kateryna Bornukova (Chekalyuk) 200
  • Vitaliy Vavryshchuk 179,86
  • Kirill Piskounov amount not disclosed


Alumni 2004

  • Kateryna Onishchenko 200
  • Yulia Tereshchenko 359,71
  • Olena Ivus amount not disclosed


Alumni 2005

  • Iryna Topolyan 50
  • Volodymyr Tymochko amount not disclosed


Alumni 2006

  • Sofiya Huzenko  103

Alumni 2007

  • Anonymous amount not disclosed


Alumni 2008

  • Anonymous amount not disclosed
  • Roman Semko 185,87
  • Alla Kobylianska 198,34


Alumni 2009

  • Yana Ponomarova 300
  • Valeriya Shul’gat amount not disclosed

Alumni 2010

  • Sergii Golovko 300
  • Anton Artamonov 107,91
  • Vadym Trembovetskyi 30


Alumni 2011

  • Kateryna Ovsiannykova 187,35


Alumni 2012

  • Mariia Ostapchuk 300
  • Amet Seitibraimov amount not disclosed
  • Mariia Ostapchuk 300


Alumni 2013

  • Andriy Starchenko 50
  • Anonymous amount not disclosed
  • Mariia Karashchuk amount not disclosed
  • Violeta Skrypnykova amount not disclosed
  • Anonymous amount not disclosed


Alumni 2014

  • Dmytro Ilin 250
  • Anton Grui 184,09


Alumni 2015

  • Sergii Drobot 107,91
  • Nataliia Malynovska 35,97
  • Sergii Drobot 11,15


Alumni 2016

  • Oleksandr Ublinskykh (MBA) 37,77
  • Borys Trofimov 500


Alumni 2017

  • Yaroslav Kheilyk 18


Alumni 2018

  • Ksenia Alekankina amount not disclosed
  • Oleksii and Maryna Romanko amount not disclosed
  • David Menabdishvili 39

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro

KSE is a leading academic institution positioned among the top Central-European & world-class schools of economics. We exist to build the intellectual foundation for a strong and innovative economy of Ukraine.