Serhiy Badritdinov had a meeting with the KSE student, who gets his named scholarship

On December 12, 2018, Serhiy Badritdinov had a meeting with the KSE student Valeria Atamanova, who gets his named scholarship.

In addition to covering a study price, such support gives an opportunity for talented students to get an advice from a mentor, who reached a success and can keep from making mistakes on a way of building a career. Supporting the KSE scholarship program, Mr. Badritdinov invests in youth and gives a chance on quality education for talented students.

During the meeting, Serhiy and Valeria discussed economics, potential career paths and the importance of academic achievements and soft skills for future success:


“A meeting with Mr. Badritdinov becomes some kind of turn-out point for me. I’ve even noticed a gradation: there were worries before the meeting because in my life there was not an opportunity for face-to-face communication with such high-level person but I felt it only till the moment when we start to talk. We discussed plenty of different topics. I remember Mr. Badritdinov’s advice, that academic success is important, but also is extremely important to use learned knowledge on a daily base. I’ve been inspired for using these pieces of advice in the nearest future!”.

Serhiy Badritdinov holds a position of a Vice President at MTI and a Chief Executive Officer at Intertop Ukraine. Tymofiy Mylovanov, KSE Honorary President, also join to the meeting.