Honorary President of KSE Tymofiy Mylovanov met a supported student Valentyn Litvinov

Tymofiy Mylovanov and a student of the first year of the Master's program in Economic Analysis Valentyn Litvinov had a traditional mentor and student meeting within the KSE Scholarship program.

Do you want to change the world, but you realize that you do not have the «tool for change»? Learn the economy! This is a brief conclusion from a patron and student meeting on February 25th at KSE.


Tymofiy Mylovanov asked awarded with scholarship student about his feelings about studying at KSE and Valentyn replied: “It’s hard. But I feel happy because I understand that I am becoming a better version of myself every day. ”


Among the Mr. Tymofiy`s recommendations, some should highlighted: one should learn how not to react for the negative and understand that mistakes will always be present. It is important to identify one`s strengths and develop them and be able to set really clear economic questions. He also mentioned the importance of the presence of a mentor in one`s life and said that all other knowledge will come with time and experience.


Valentyn also shares his impression about the meeting:

«Tymofiy is a wise and sincere man, his advice for me is the obligatory agenda. I have known about Tymofiy for a long time, so many years have passed, but his life strength and the way he thinks really inspires the most. It seems to me that he has a very conceptual thinking and way of expressing his thoughts. I am extremely glad that I will have another channel of communication with Tymofiy!»


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