MA Theses 2022


Anastasiia Karpenko: “How does the duration of bureaucratic procedures affect the efficiency ofgovernment spending?


Anna Shcherbiak: “Does bargaining power impact the citizen’s willingness to report corruption? An experimental study of harassment bribery


Danylo Krasovytskyi: “Macroprudential policy in Ukraine: success, failure or too early to say?


Hanna Bolhova: “Demand fоr luxury gооds in Ukraine, russia, Kazakhstan


Igor Piddubnyi: “Budget revenue potential analysis: the case of ukrainian atcs


Inna Omelchenko: “Gender differences in university applications in Ukraine: do social factors matter?


Iryna Zasimovych: “The decentralisation process in ukraine: taxes and regional development


Ivan Volovyk: “А pricing of digital collectibles: an empirical evidence of nft valuation


Marian Melnyk: “Historical legacies and economic performance in Ukraine


Maryna Matviienko: “Tax benefits impact on productivity growth in ukrainian agriculture


Mykyta Horovoi: “Does the monetary transmission mechanism change over time in Ukraine?


Myron Yanitskyi: “Diversity and performance: esports team-level analysis


Oleg Ivanytskyi: “Words matter: does nbu communication affect exchange rate?


Oleksandr Tsaran: “Cross-country analysis of the fintech presence impact on banks performance


Yevheniia Pampukha: “Wealthy and healthy: an empirical analysis Of the impact of socioeconomic conditions



Kun Nhan Nhuien: “Culture in times of covid-19: the relationship between individualism and countries’ response to the crisis


Oleksandr Gorbach: “What factors affect the valuation of us startups


Olha Rakova: “Cross-national variation in vaccination during the pandemic: economic and social roots of successful vaccinations


Yevheni Terentiev: “The effects of air pollution on cognitive skills: the case of Ukraine



Anastasiia Petrachkova: “Land market reform_ avoiding speculation and creating transparent market conditions”


Valeriia Shemshuchenko: “The fight for Kyiv_s cultural heritage_ the effect of ownership on immovable building-monuments”


Viktor Artemenko: “Unchain the Teachers_ how to enable professional development in higher education”


Denys Tereshchenko: “Ukrainian Leviathan Awaken_ Mechanisms of Russo-Ukrainian Armed Conflict_s Impact upon the Dynamics of State Capacity in Ukraine (2014-2022)”


Yelyzaveta Aleksiiuk: “An offer that is hard to refuse_ the impact of state support on the success of national cinema”


Yelyzaveta Buhaienko: “Perception of the Russo-Ukrainian war in the political discourse and positions of Latin American countries (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina)”


Ivan Khomenko: “The relation between politicization and policy innovation in the central executive bodies on the example of the results of a survey of civil servants in the monitoring of civil service reform in Ukraine in 2018.”


Oleh Alokhin: “Beware of fakes! Media literacy development policy in Ukraine. How to teach to critically perceive information”


Oleksandr Apostol: “Public administration reform_ how to solve the challenge of civil servants_ salary in Ukraine”


Olha Snopok: “Narrative, origin or the sharing user_group_page_ the mechanism of a fake spreading. Studying the example of disinformation messages about COVID-19 in the Ukrainian segment of the Facebook_”


Rostyslav Dushko: “No country for Old Men_ Ministerial Resignations in Ukraine, 2005-2022”


Serhii Bahlai: “Plural policing in Ukraine. Fragmentation of municipal law enforcement agencies.”


Serhii Tytiuk: “Overcoming the Сonsequences of Unequal Access to Secondary Education Between Students from Different Territories of Ukraine due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the War with Russia”