Armored cars for medics

The KSE Foundation continues to raise funds to meet the urgent needs of the Ukrainian army, territorial defense and medical personnel at the forefront. They protect us every day and are in dire need of support.


From the first days of the war, the National Guard of Ukraine united professional drivers with relevant experience operating during the military action (anti-terrorist operation).


This group is engaged in evacuating civilians and wounded soldiers, and providing humanitarian supplies to the combat zone. Using unarmored vehicles is a significant risk.

To ensure the security of everyone in this group, our team has already identified five armored Volkswagen vehicles, T-5, 2460 cm3, which will be converted to protect civilians and soldiers in active combat zones.

An additional EUR 70,000 is required to purchase them.


Your help can save lives.


You can make a contribution to the purchase of these 5 cars for medics by following the link. All  funds from this account will be directed to the initiative to purchase cars for the military and medical: