The total amount of damage caused to Hostomel city in the Kyiv region due to the war is estimated at $343 mln

4 August 2022

The total amount of damage caused to Hostomel city in the Kyiv region due to the war is estimated at UAH 9.5 bln or $343 mln. This amount does not take into account the damage caused to the airport “Antonov”, which is located in the no-fly zone. 

This can be seen from the analysis carried out by the KSE Institute team within the “Russia will pay” project. The calculation of the damage to Hostomel’s infrastructure was carried out on the basis of data collected in the framework of the RebuildUA project, initiated by SmartFarming and Vkursi Zemli. Digitized information about the infrastructure of the Hostomel is the most accurate damage estimate for today. 

Hostomel became one of the key targets of russian occupiers on their way to Kyiv: it was shelled and bombed from the air, and landing forces tried to occupy the local Antonov airport. Heavy battles were fought for the airport and Hostomel itself, as the town was liberated only on April 2.

As a result of hostilities in Hostomel, almost 40% of buildings were destroyed — 4.5 thousand out of 11.8 thousand buildings in the city. 905 objects were caused complete or severe destruction. 

The greatest damage was caused to industry — UAH 5.4 billion. In Hostomel, 130 economic buildings, 72 industrial buildings, 59 construction sites, and 57 warehouses were destroyed or damaged. Destroyed or damaged enterprises and warehouses of the following companies: VETROPAK HOSTOMELSKYY SKLOZAVOD, LLC RPE PIM, EKATERRA UKRAINE, KHAUS-EKO, WINDOWS DESING. 

KSE Institute estimates at UAH 3.3 billion the damages to the Hostomel’s housing stock. In the city, 1,524 private houses, 111 apartment buildings, and 310 townhouses with a total area of ​​963.8 thousand m2 were affected.

Due to the destruction of social infrastructure objects, Hostomel’s damages are UAH 842.7 million, of which UAH 482 million — damages to commercial buildings, UAH 177.5 million — to educational institutions, and UAH 4.8 million to health care. In Hostomel, 4 schools, 2 kindergartens, a dispensary, a private clinic, 3 churches, 17 grocery stores, and 9 food establishments were destroyed among the social infrastructure facilities.

The city’s administrative infrastructure suffered another UAH 68 million. Among the damaged facilities are 2 post offices, a fire station, 5 government and administrative buildings, and 3 hotels.

All calculations are made in accordance with the dollar exchange rate as of January 1, 2022. The full report is available via the link: https://eng.rebuildua.net/hostomel