The Prime Minister of Sweden met with KSE students during his first visit to Ukraine in the new post

17 лютого 2023

Ульф-Яльмар Крістерссон

Prime Minister of Sweden Ulf Kristersson visited KSE during his first visit to Ukraine in his new position. He met with students and spoke to them about security, the future of the EU and NATO, investment in Ukraine, and the future of the Ukrainian economy and the world. The meeting was also attended by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Sweden to Ukraine Tobias Thyberg.

The Chair of the KSE Foundation Svitlana Denysenko met the Prime Minister at the University campus to welcome the delegation and thank the Swedish government for its longstanding support of the KSE community. The Rector of KSE University, Tymofii Brik, moderated the Prime Minister’s conversation with the students and emphasized the important role of Swedish universities and research institutions in supporting Ukrainian scientists, including KSE programs and research. 

During his visit to Ukraine, Mr. Kristersson held a number of important meetings, including with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He then visited KSE University to meet with students and emphasized that his country was impressed with the way Ukraine defends its freedom and the speed with which it is moving towards European Union membership.

During the meeting, the students asked questions about global security, humanitarian and military support for Ukraine, membership in the European Union and NATO, and international sanctions against Russia.

The Prime Minister emphasized that his country is consciously moving towards NATO membership after many years of non-aligned status: 

“After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, we realized that you can not be neutral between evil and democracy. This suddenly became so obvious to the Swedish people that, in addition to trying to help you, NATO became the answer to Sweden’s security policy,” he said. 

Mr. Prime Minister also emphasized that Ukraine must win this war, and Russia must lose it. And the people of Sweden are trying to do everything possible to help not only in words but also with military assistance. 

“I really hope that Ukraine will become a member of the EU as soon as possible,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

He also emphasized the importance of unity. Russia wanted to divide Europe, but European countries are sticking together. Prime Minister Kristersson emphasized that he admires the fact that Ukrainians are united as a society in very difficult times.


For reference:

The Government of Sweden has been an institutional partner of the Kyiv School of Economics for over 10 years. This support has become an important component of KSE’s mission to build the intellectual foundation for the defense and reconstruction of Ukraine. In addition, Dr. Tornbjörn Becker, Director of the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, has been a strong supporter of KSE as a member of the Board of Directors. 

The Kyiv School of Economics expresses its respect and deep gratitude to the Prime Minister of Sweden and the Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine for their visit and participation in the meeting with Ukrainian students, as well as for the longstanding support of the Government of Sweden to Ukraine and KSE.