Tetra Laval will donate € 500,000 to the Friends of KSE Foundation

22 April 2022

During the charity event organized by the Stockholm Institute for Transition Economics, Tetra Laval announced a contribution of € 500,000 to Friends of KSE Charitable Foundation to promote education and scientific research for Ukrainians.

We are grateful to the representatives of Tetra Laval for their high trust in the work of Friends of KSE Charitable Foundation founded by KSE’s friends in Sweden. We also appreciate the support of Ukraine and its citizens in times of emergency. The support and assistance provided by the global private sector to Ukraine is an important guarantee of the overall success of our state and its citizens.

Today almost all the efforts of the private and public sectors are aimed at meeting urgent humanitarian needs. However, we are convinced that a strategic vision for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine is impossible without due attention to education. Despite the war, 204 employees of Kyiv School of Economics keep up their professional activities, providing high-quality education to 362 students studying in bachelor and master programmes of the School.

The establishment of new intellectual centers, start-ups and innovative enterprises is an important investment in the future of our state. Long-term work of KSE with leading Ukrainian technology companies shows an example of a systematic approach to the development of education aimed at building a modern knowledge economy in Ukraine. Every day, our students get new knowledge and skills that will be the key to the successful development and restoration of Ukraine after the hostilities.

The KSE team is working hard to help those affected by the war, started by the Russian Federation. We also continue to work on the collection and transfer of humanitarian aid and necessary equipment for medical workers and rescue crews.