Kyiv School of Economics position on the participation in the political process

June 18, 2019

Kyiv School of Economics is independent of any political parties or groups. It does not endorse any politicians or any political positions.

At the same time, Kyiv School of Economics is proud that its employees, Directors, students and faculty have active civic positions and supports their right to support changes and develop Ukraine through political process. The KSE believes in and advocates human rights, including the freedom of speech and expression and diversity of opinions. We do not influence decisions on political participation by our employees, students, staff, and administration.

All staff and administration, including the directors, of the KSE who accept political appointments in legislative and executive branches will be requested to resign from administration positions at the school. They will continue to teach, do research, and provide advice to the school if the choose to do so. The only right that retains is advisory participation.

The election campaign does and will not affect the KSE academic process and the admission campaign in any way.