A brief look inside the classroom with MBA`21 students

October 24

On the last weekend, we’ve visited the classes of our new KSE MBA group to check how the lessons are going and to share some insides with you.

So, traditionally, we start our KSE MBA program with the fundamental courses: Organizational Behavior, taught by Prof. Olga Verkhogliad and Managerial Economics, taught by Dr. Maksym Obrizan.

By studying organizational behavior, the participants are learned to understand the behaviors that make people behave the way they do, the motivational factors to use, and the triggers that might increase employees’ productivity and work satisfaction. The course is built on case studies, simulations, and lots of team-work, which altogether make the experience as practical and dynamic as possible. Dr. Olga Verkogliad mentioned that MBA’21 class is one of the most significant classes she has ever taught.

Dr. Maksym Obrizan taught evening classes on Managerial Economics. Managerial economics provides a brief overview of some basic concepts: demand and supply, optimization techniques, NPV, opportunity costs, etc. It also considers demand analysis: determinants of demands for goods and services, changes in tastes, the effects of demand elasticity on revenue maximization. Students also study how to estimate and, most importantly, forecast demand. These classes are a little taught; thus, the chocolates Maksym brings to the classes for solving cases are making the students’ life much sweeter!

It seems that the students are pretty excited and eager to learn, which is a fantastic beginning of the long, thus rewarding KSE MBA journey!