KSE invites you to a panel discussion on the problems of urbanism

5 July 2024

UPDATE: Due to the morning massive missile attack by the russian federation, the event has been postponed to Wednesday, July 10, 18:00. Take care of yourself!

On Monday, 8 July, Kyiv School of Economics will hold a panel discussion focused on urbanism, “Crisis of Creativity: Empowering Communities with Tactical Urbanism in Wartime Ukraine”.

Ukrainian urbanism and city policy experts Evgenia Kuleba, Hanna Bondar, and Danish tactical urbanism expert Mikael Colville-Andersen will discuss various aspects of solving modern urban issues.

Learn more about the concept of tactical urbanism and how it can contribute to the development of Ukrainian cities during the war.

Moderators: Tetiana Vodotyka, Academic Director of the Master’s Program in Urban Studies and Postwar Reconstruction, Illia Tkachenko, student of the program.

When: July 8, 18:00

Where: Kyiv School of Economics, 3 Shpaka str., ICU Event Hall

For more information about the event and registration, please follow the link.