KSE Foundation will restore a local hospital in Makariv (Kyiv region)

30 May 2022

Kyiv School of Economics continues to work on the restoration of the destroyed infrastructure of the liberated cities and towns of Ukraine. That is why the KSE team aligned with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to restore and fully resume the work of the local hospital in the village of Makariv, Kyiv region.

During the Russian occupation and active hostilities, Makariv suffered significant damage. Many locals have been tortured by the Russian military, and the survivors are in dire need of medical attention. The destroyed hospital had a capacity of 16,000 people. That is why the prompt restoration of medical infrastructure is critically necessary for the normal life of local residents. To do this, we must collect ₴20 mln. 

A significant part of the KSE team wartime activities are devoted to rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure and supporting the liberated territories. We are grateful to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for comprehensive assistance and support in restoring quality medical care for Ukrainians affected by the war. 

We are convinced that the joint Memorandum of KSE, the Ministry of Health, the Kyiv Regional Military Administration and the Municipal Non-Profit Enterprise Makariv Primary Health Care Center will be an effective tool to restart the work of the local hospital in Makariv.

“The locals of Makariv heroically resisted the Russian invasion, which saved thousands of lives in other Ukrainian cities. But now they themselves need our help. The restoration of the local hospital is our gratitude and help in the restoration of the village, which should live and develop after the occupation. We thank all the partners for supporting this project and will continue to help Ukrainians in the liberated territories,” said Svitlana Denysenko.

If you wish to join the fundraiser for the restoration of the local hospital in Makariv (Kyiv region), please, follow the link (option: “War destroyed hospital”): https://kse.ua/support/donation