KSE Career Development Workshop "Business and Social Networking for Career Success"

KSE Career Development Workshop “Business and Social Networking for Career Success”

June 6, 2013

The Kyiv School of Economics is organizing a number of one day workshops
that will provide students with skills and tools to successfully enter
the labor market and put their career on a fast track.

The third workshop will be held at KSE (room#207, 2nd floor, 13 Yakira Str.) on Saturday, June 8, starting 9.30 to 17.15 and be dedicated to the topic “Business and Social Networking for Career Success”. The workshop will be conducted by Iryna Konchenko (KSE graduate of 2003), Yekaterina Konovalova and Astaulova Nataliya, trainers-consultants of the Center of Tomalogy. The following topics will be covered during the workshop:

  • The basics of networking. Personal marketing
  • Business networking in person and online social networking. Five efficient step-by-step tools
  • How to introduce oneself and form mutually beneficial relationships with a potential employer/ investor
  • Inspirational success stories of great people (Apple, Zappos, Virgin, and other leading companies’ founders etc.). Successful Ukrainian student networking examples.

You may find more details on the workshop here.

Participation fee: UAH 500

The participation fee includes teaching materials and coffee-breaks. A teaching schedule can be found here.

The language of the instruction is Ukrainian.

Konchenko Irina. More than 150 successful projects since 2003 – for System Capital Management, ТНК-British Petroleum, Intergal, PRCOM, UEFA and other leading Ukrainian and international organizations. Area of expertise – career management, middle and top management coaching, negotiations and sales. More than 8 years of successful negotiation practice.

Konovalova Yekaterina. Successful private business founder and director since 2002. More than 10 years of work experience if the field of practical psychology. Area of expertise – negotiations, sales, EQ.

Astaulova Nataliya. Several successful startups’ founder. Area of expertise – business communication, EQ, career coaching. Nataliya provided training for more than 800 people. UEFA’s appreciation in the «EURO 2012» project.

A first workshop was held on Saturday, May 11, and was dedicated to the topic “How to Become a Perfect Project Manager?” The workshop was conducted by Dr. Serhiy Gvozdiov, KSE Business Professor.

The second workshop took place on Saturday, May 25, and was on  “Effective Negotiation Skills – Techniques and Strategies”. The workshop was conducted by Iryna Konchenko (KSE graduate of 2003), Yekaterina Konovalova and Astaulova Nataliya, trainers-consultants of the Center of Tomalogy.