Career Development at KSE

Career Development at KSE

March 26, 2013

The Kyiv School of Economics organizes a number of one day workshops that will provide KSE one year MA students the relevant skills and tools to successfully enter the labor market and put their career on the fast track. The workshops are usually held by invited professionals, KSE alumni and business faculty.

These workshops will also be open to outside students for a fee.

The topics of the workshops are the following:

  • Business Communication
  • Job Application Training
  • Interviews
  • CV and Cover Letter
  • Linked In Profile and Web Presence
  • Followed by try-out interviews with feedback from company HR
  • Networking
  • How to develop a network
  • How to start communication with unknown people
  • Presentation skills
  • General Principles
  • Body language
  • Voice control
  • Presentation tools
  • How to make convincing slides
  • PPT/Prezi et al
  • Negotiations
  • Sales
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Technical Skills: Advanced Excel plus Visual Basic
  • Technical Skills: Introduction to SPSS
  • Technical Skills: Introduction to SQL
  • Decision Making: Formal Logic (the Art of Thinking)
  • Decision Making: Business Frames
  • Decision Making: Cracking Cases

If you are a KSE student or a KSE potential applicant you can suggest a new (interested for you topic) for the Career Development Workshops Series sending it to [email protected]. ¬†Thank you!