KSE Alumni have committed over $50,000 to support the school

May 8, 2012

The KSE Board and donors have long wanted greater alumni involvement in KSE. Last year the Board elected a KSE alumnus to the Board. As of today, we have 75 alumni who have committed to support the school financially, with a total commitment of over $22,000 for this year. Most of these alumni have pledged multiple year (3-year) contributions, for a grand total of over $50,000.

For a small and young school, KSE alumni giving rate is at $17.8%, whereas the average alumni giving rate in the US colleges where there is a much longer history of alumni giving is 13.5%.

KSE also has invited the alumni representatives to serve as external reviewers for student theses as well as to contribute their time and talents to KSE in whatever way they can.

Slowly but surely this alumni momentum is building. And this reflects their confidence in and their hope for the future of KSE.

We would like to thank our graduates for such a generous support.