KSE Alumni Congress

KSE Alumni Congress

May 25, 2012

The first KSE Alumni Congress will be held on Friday, May 25, 2012, at KSE. The goal of this Congress is to provide a forum in which the KSE alumni and KSE partners will be able to exchange academic, policy, and business ideas.

The Congress will consist of academic, policy and business sessions.

The academic sessions will feature top notch academic research on topics ranging from the effects of devaluations, to Ukraine’s membership in WTO, Ukraine’s educational policies and informal networks and migration. Presenters of the sessions are KSE alumni who now work at top universities, research institutes, and international organizations. Among the speakers are: Marya Aleksynska, Labour Economist at International Labour Organization (Switzerland); Nikolsko-Rzhevsky Oleksandr, Assistant Professor at University of Memphis (USA); Hnatkovska Viktoria, Assistant Professor at University of British Columbia (Canada); Oleksandr Talavera, Senior Lecturer at Durham University (United Kingdom); Badunenko Oleg, Assistant Professor at University of Cologne (Germany); Salnykov Mykhailo, Academic Director at BEROC (Belarus) and many others.

The policy and business sessions will be dedicated to the topic “Ukraine 2012-15: What Are the Prospects?” providing in-depth views on and forecasts of the macroeconomic situation in Ukraine and the development of the agricultural sector, the banking sector, the energy sector, and the industry sector of Ukraine. The sessions will be opened by the keynote speaker, Dr. Viktor Pynzenyk, Ukraine’s Honorary Economist and Former Minister of Finance. Other speakers include Olena Bilan, Chief Economist of Dragon Capital; Dmyto Sologub, Head of Research of Raiffeisen Bank Aval; Natalia Zaderey, Editor of Forbes Ukraine; Dmytro Yablonovskyy, Head of Financial Research Department, GFK Ukraine; Ildar Gazizullin, Senior Economist, ICPS; Oleg Nivyevskiy, Head of the Centre for Agriculture, IER; Anna Kuznetsova, Research Associate, IER.

You may download the agenda of the event to see the full list of participants and the topics of their presentations.

Please register to participate in the event.

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