Economics Education

Education for the Future Generation
of World-class Economists and Managers



KSE is unique in Ukraine for its economics program taught entirely English, using English-language textbooks and other teaching materials; it is the only graduate economics school in Ukraine with a dual degree program with a Western university (the University of Houston).


The programs offers unique skills in economic and financial modeling and analysis that prepare students of the program to work effectively as economists in decision-making and advisory positions in their home country, or to apply to Ph.D. programs abroad.


The study at KSE differs from that in any other university in Ukraine. KSE programms does not mean attending school every day. The classes take place 2 or 3 days a week. KSE courses are not devided into lectures and seminars. The main form of control is written exam.


The study programm include a lot of practical cases, and courses fostering both hard- and soft-skills.