Master’s in Memory and Conflict Studies

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MA in Memory and conflict studies will address the issue of imperialist narratives and post-soviet authoritarian development, propaganda, memory policies, and commemorative practices. This program will address traumas of past and present wars, focusing on data collection and creating new archives to preserve and study memories about wars and other conflicts as the first step of reconciliation



The Memory and Conflict Studies is a special program for modern Ukraine. Graduates will be able to understand and help preserve the history of our state, explore social and cultural diversity, connections, and conflicts of communities, and look for ways to overcome them. The advantage of the program is the combination of three approaches: historical, anthropological, and policy development. Graduates will learn the methods of working with historical sources, communities, and real human experience. Specialists in this field will study the culture of groups living in Ukraine, help to understand and preserve their identities, as well as strengthen existing social ties. Skills in project work, fundraising, communications, work with media, and community development will allow you to use the acquired knowledge in the public sphere and academic research.


The duration of the program: 2 years. It is designed for the in-depth academic training of students, which involves conducting their research. Teaching is provided in English and is focused on modern English-language scientific sources. Learning will be combined with real scientific research, which will be conducted by researchers from Great Britain, EU, and the USA universities in partnership with the Kyiv School of Economics.


Foreign partners will teach courses, provide master classes and work with students on real projects. Work experience in an English-speaking professional environment will be an additional advantage for graduates. The acquired knowledge and practice will allow them to work on large international projects, continue Ph.D. research in the world’s top universities as well as work in media, cultural projects, memorials, and museums.


(preliminary) Course Structure




  • Introduction to Memory Studies
  • Media and Public Memory
  • Public History and Memory
  • Historical storytelling (Historical Narratology)
  • Performing Memory in Popular Culture.


Electives (4 with at least 1 in Digital memory and 1 in Research)


  • Qualitative research
  • Surveys
  • Advanced Data Science (web-scrapping and analysis)
  • Digital tools of storytelling
  • Behavioral economics
  • Social demography


Activities and Events

A summer school in “Ukrainian studies”:

  • July 18-20, online lectures by Marci Shore, Serhill Plokhii, Yurii Gorodnichenko, Oxana Shevel, Olga Onuch (confirmed)


Current staff:

Acting academic Director Dr. Anton Liagusha

Visiting lecturers: Dr. Ihor Serdiuk, Dr. Dora Merai

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2 years






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