Financial Accounting


Part of MBA-program


Курс націлений на отримання поглиблених знань та навичок у галузі бухгалтерського обліку та фінансів і зосереджений на практичних прийомах та просунутих методологіях, які зазвичай використовують фінансові аналітики, контролери та директори в міжнародних корпораціях. Курс містить теоретичну та практичну частини та методи вирішення проблем. Студенти познайомляться з різними аспектами бухгалтерської та фінансової роботи.


*Course will be held online in English


Чому варто взяти участь:

  • During this course through case studies and group projects, you will gain hands-on experience in financial analysis
  • The course will help you learn how to apply financial and accounting theories to real-world problems and develop critical thinking skills
  • This course  will expose you to various issues of accounting and finance work and equip you with the necessary quantitative and qualitative techniques for management of organizations

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₴ 24900





The course is a part of the MBA program. It is designed for MBA students and everyone who wants to get a wider picture of the role of finance and accounting in business and use its instruments to provide more accurate data about the real state of the company:


  • • Understand US GAAP conceptual framework; qualitative characteristics of financial information
  • • Be able to construct a balance sheet, cashflow statement and P&L based on given data.
  • • Throughout the course, you’ll concentrate on practical techniques and more advanced methodology of financial directors’ work in multinational companies
  • • Understand and apply various analysis techniques to evaluate and interpret a company’s production and financial position
Andrii Drobot

lecturer at KSE GBS, Head of Corporate Finance Department Independent management and investment consulting




Areas of expertise:

  • • КCorporate finance and accounting
  • • Strategy
  • • Operations restructuring, credit restructuring
  • • VC/ start-up projects



At the end of this course the students should be able to:



  • • Distinguish GAAP and IFRS methodology in accounting work
  • • Construct and analyze Profit and Loss Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statement based on various inputs and assumptions
  • • Analyze critically decisions made at a personal, organizational level and identify potential risks and opportunities
  • • Gain management and accounting quantitative and qualitative techniques necessary for management of organization


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